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How to Begin

How does the process work if you are interested in becoming a client? Here are the basic steps that we generally take with potential clients.

Step 1.   We have a complimentary introductory meeting (click here for our Confidential Questionnaire.)  This gives us the opportunity to learn more about you, your financial planning needs, your questions and concerns, and how you would like to work with a trusted advisor.  (Click here for NAPFA’s Pursuit of a Financial Advisor Field Guide.) We also want this meeting to provide you with an opportunity to learn about us: what we do, how we work, and the potential benefits of choosing trueNorth as your financial partner. We will answer any questions you may have about our services, our fee structure, and what the experience of working with us will be like. This meeting will help both of us determine whether there is a good fit between your needs and our services. If you would like some additional time to think about moving forward, that is fine too. There is never pressure on our part.

Step 2.   If you decide you would like to engage trueNorth, you will sign a Wealth Advisory Service Agreement (click here to see sample WAS Agreement). Our Agreement defines our working relationship and establishes our client/advisor relationship.

Step 3.   We learn more about you, your current financial picture, and your personal goals through questionnaires and meeting discussions. Your initial comprehensive financial plan and initial portfolio are completed with four or five meetings (Click here for Wealth Advisory Service Process).

Step 4.  In addition to our scheduled meetings, we will also keep you apprised of pertinent financial planning and investment topics with our quarterly client letters, email newsletters, and blog postings. Phone calls and emails are ongoing as needed.

trueNorth Wealth Advisors is a registered trade name of trueNorth Financial Services, LLC.  Investment  advisory services offered through trueNorth Wealth Advisors, a registered Investment Advisor with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

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