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The trueNorth Advantage

Comprehensive Financial Planning
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Our Fee Structure

We will only take you on as a new client when we feel confident that the value of the services we provide will exceed the financial commitment you make to us.

Wealth Advisory Services
Wealth Advisory Services are for clients looking for both comprehensive financial planning and professional portfolio management and is designed for clients with at least $1,000,000 in manageable assets. However, this asset requirement is only a guideline, not a managed account minimum. Clients are accepted at trueNorth's discretion.
The annual fee is calculated on the market value of your Assets Under Managed (AUM) based on the following schedule:

Managed Assets (AUM)

Annual Fee*

From $ 0 to $1,000,000

1.0%  of Portfolio Value

Over $1,000,000

$10,000 + 0.5% of Portfolio Value over $1,000,000

 *  $10,000 Annual Fee Minimum
For example, the annual fee for $1,500,000 in AUM will be $12,500 ($3,125 per quarter) or 0.83% of your AUM. Our fee is based on the AUM balance at the start of the quarter; initial fees for partial quarters are prorated. Wealth Advisory Service fees are billed quarterly in advance and are non-negotiable.

trueNorth Wealth Advisors is a registered trade name of trueNorth Financial Services, LLC.  Investment  advisory services offered through trueNorth Wealth Advisors, a registered Investment Advisor with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

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